Monday 14th of October 2019    

User Pricing

Our Prices are among the best you can get. We offer competitive prices on a sliding scale which reduce the more you buy.

0-999 1.50
1000-4999 1.40
5000-9999 1.30
10000-49999 1.20
50000-99999 1.10
100000-499999 1.05
500000-999999 1.00
1000000-above Call=08096454648



We offer SMS at very competitive wholesale prices. Our SMS units do not expire. They are valid forever and you can use the SMS anytime you desire.  


Our Account Details:


Bank:                         ACCESS BANK PLC


Account Name:         ADEKUNLE ADESANYA


Account Number:      0019186692


After Payment, Contact Us by sending a text containing your payment details to 08096454648.  Your account will be credited with SMS Units paid for within two hours of confirming payment.




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